Your Guide To Quitting Smoking And Improving Your Health


August 24, 2016

Some view quitting as easy as dumping their cigarettes and going with sheer willpower. While this method can help you quit, there are ways to make it easier. A number of strategies and smoking cessation aids exist that can ease the quit process.

Write out the benefits of quitting smoking to add to your motivation and eliminate cigarettes from your daily routine. Just by creating the list, you’ll perk up your mood. This can help to motivate you to stay on course, and might even make quitting easier because you are able to remain focused.

Quit Smoking

Once you’ve decided to quit smoking, find a support group. Working with other people who are quitting or who have quit smoking can help you to stay focused on your ultimate goal. Having a support system can be invaluable. Support groups can be found in many places, even on the Internet, so take some time to research what’s available to you.

If you feel like you absolutely must smoke, try the delay method first. Force yourself to complete some other chore, before you can have a cigarette. You may find that diverting your attention to something else will delay and ultimately overcome that desire to smoke. By using the delay technique you may smoke one less cigarette a day.

TIP! Consider visiting a hypnotist for help in kicking the habit. A licensed hypnotist will provide you with tools which can’t be found elsewhere.

Just get through one day if you’re trying to quit smoking. Quitting can be a long process. Don’t worry about what will next year or next month. Just go through it one day at a time, just getting rid of the smoking habit in the short term.

You can start working out, so that you can avoid weight gain when quitting smoking, and to keep your mind off the cigarettes. Exercise will also help you relieve stress. Do not let your lack of exercise impede you. Start small and move forward from there. You should discuss your intentions with your doctor before pursuing any exercise routine.

Get lots of rest when you are trying to stop smoking. When you keep later nights, you become vulnerable to giving in to your cigarette cravings. Sitting alone on a late night also makes you feel like you can sneak a cigarette without disappointing anyone. Aiming for eight solid hours of sleep every night can help you retain your focus while allowing you to keep your cravings under control.

TIP! Some great ways to get in shape, stay active and distract yourself from smoking include participating in an exercise program, and signing up for the local gym. Exercise will help you in stress relief as well.

When a cigarette craving strikes, try to implement delays. With the delay tactic, you tell yourself that you will have a smoke in just ten minutes and go do something else. After those ten minutes are up, distract yourself with something else. Generally, a 10 minute delay will be all you need to get over the urge to smoke. If that is not the case, repeat that step as many times as necessary.

After you read this article, you can know how to stop smoking. While some ex-smokers will have cravings for the rest of their life, following the above advice will better equip you to resist those cravings.

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