Whitening Teeth Tips That Can Help You


December 17, 2016

Teeth whitening can be a difficult topic since many people are embarrassed by stained or yellowed teeth. Sometimes professional whitening options are just outside your current budget. Here are some great tips that you can use to make your smile brighter and whiter.

Whiten your teeth naturally with fresh lemons. Apply the inner side of the lemon peel to your teeth before brushing your teeth to whiten them considerably. This is a fast, cheap, and easy way to make your teeth whiter. Lemon peels can whiten your teeth, allowing you to do so without the kinds of harsh chemicals that many commercial whiteners contain.

TIP! Peroxide isn’t as harmful as other methods. Simply rinse your mouth with a little hydrogen peroxide, but take care not to swallow it.

You need to be more vigilant over the foods and beverages that you consume after having a whitening of the teeth procedure done. Once your teeth are whiter they will also be more sensitive and get stained easily. That’s why you should keep away from dark foods and drinks for a few days after a whitening treatment. Coffee can soak and discolor your teeth.

Artificial Surfaces

Whitening procedures only work for teeth that are natural. Whitening agents will not work on artificial surfaces. Fillings, crowns, implants and veneers are some examples of artificial surfaces that are impervious to at-home whitening products. If you attempt to use whitening methods on artificial surfaces, your actual teeth will whiten, but the artificial surfaces will remain the same color.

TIP! Lemons and oranges are a wonderful source of Vitamin C, and they can also help you whiten your teeth. Take the peel of the orange or lemon and rub the back of it on the surface of your teeth until they sparkle.

Strips for teeth whitening are available at almost every drugstore and are quite affordable. You place the strip on your teeth and let it remain for a set amount of time. Whitening strips have lost popularity recently, due to less than perfect results.

There are several easy steps you can implement into your whitening of the teeth routine. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time and money to whiten your teeth, especially if you use the tips laid out here. Use the whitening products properly and practice good oral hygiene every day.

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