Whiten Your Teeth With These Simple Tips


July 28, 2015

Your hair is perfect, your clothes are stylish and your skin is glowing. However, if your teeth are not as white as they could be, you will not feel as confident as you should. The advice in this article is intended to help you get your whitest smile.

Look into getting your teeth whitened by a professional for faster results. This whitening regimen involves a few visits to the dentist and the results are second to none. The techniques and products that dentists can use for whitening are more powerful than anything available to the public in the drugstore.

TIP! Whiten your teeth naturally with fresh lemons. Simply rub the inside of a lemon peel on your teeth daily for whiter and brighter teeth.

In addition to being a great source of vitamin C, lemons and oranges may be helpful in whitening your teeth. You could always try to slide the back part of a lemon or orange peel to make your teeth sparkle. You can also add a little bit of salt to the citrus peels to enhance the results.

Whitening Teeth

Whitening teeth will work only on the natural surface of your teeth. Whitening teeth techniques won’t work on an artificial surface. Veneers and implants are examples of surfaces that cannot get whiter by standard procedures. If you ignore this, and try to whiten teeth that have artificial surfaces, the whitening will lighten your teeth while leaving the artificial surface the same shade.

TIP! If you want your teeth whitened as quickly as possible, have a professional tooth whitening at your dentist’s office. Most dentists can restore your white smile within three to four appointments.

Your teeth can become very sensitive after using whitening teeth products. Any sensitivity, gum irritation or bleeding gums should be treated by your dentist immediately. If this continues, see your dentist before using the product anymore. He might be able to suggest alternative products which won’t cause this problem.

Tooth whitening will not have any effect on your crowns. Keep in mind that, if your teeth have crowns, they may not match your teeth after a whitening treatment.

When using a home whitening product, always follow the directions carefully. Rather, your mouth will become irritated and your gums could become inflamed, possibly damaging your teeth. Do not use whitening products more than you are supposed to.

TIP! Brush first before applying home whitening products. While products such as hair dyes work better on dirty hair, any teeth whitening product will give best results if given a clean surface.

If you want to keep your teeth sparkling white, have regular cleanings with your dentist. Schedule appointments for cleanings twice per year. In order to remember your next appointment, make it once your dentist is done cleaning your teeth. You can ask the receptionist to call you to make sure that you do not forget the date and time.

You can use this information to achieve whiter teeth and make your appearance more attractive. You will feel more confident in the way you look and will smile more when you use the tips that were presented in this article.

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