Tired Of Those Cigarette Cravings? Try These Tips


July 6, 2016

Smoking is proven to be a dangerous habit, but people all around the world still find that it’s a difficult habit to leave behind. If this applies to you, the information presented here can be of benefit. Pick the tips that best suit you and your lifestyle, and put them to immediate use.

Find a way to quit smoking that works for you, but try to do it little by little. It is not usually wise to try and quit cold turkey. Statistically, people who try cold turkey fail 95% of the time. If you do fail, talk to your doctor about using a nicotine patch or prescription withdrawal treatment. This will ease you through the difficult early withdrawal stages and make quitting easier.

TIP! To increase your chances of being successful in your efforts to quit smoking, consider writing out a list of pros and cons of quitting. Putting the issue in writing will help you to see it more clearly.

When you feel the urge for a cigarette, set a certain amount of time that you will make yourself wait. Take a brief walk before you give yourself permission to smoke, or finish a glass of water. You may find that delaying your next cigarette a little bit will reduce your cravings. If you still choose to smoke, you won’t be smoking as much because your time will be spent doing something different.

Hypnosis has proven to be an effective stop smoking method for many people. Visiting a licensed hypnotist is an effective strategy that has worked for many individuals. When you visit a hypnotist’s clinic, you will be put into a trance state and positive affirmations about quitting will be embedded into your mind. It can make cigarettes seem less appetizing, leading you to never want to smoke again.

Implementing several of the above tips can help you to make rapid progress with your goal to quit smoking. You’re deserving of a tobacco free life! Allow yourself the opportunity to eliminate this difficult addiction. The rewards for quitting will be substantial, including looking better and feeling better.

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