Sleep Soundly With These Helpful Sleep Apnea Tips


July 26, 2015

If your life is being disrupted by sleep apnea, whether it is you or your partner, you should take steps to address it and correct it so that you both can get a better night’s rest. Don’t ignore or be ashamed of your sleep apnea; your partner should know. Read on to gain more useful information.

You must use your CPAP at least 4 hours nightly after receiving your unit. It can be hard, at first, to get comfortable using it. For this CPAP therapy to work successfully, you will need four hours each day to use it. Ease your way towards your four hour CPAP goal, even if you find the experience difficult to get used to.

TIP! Drop some of your vices to fight against sleep apnea. Smoking and drinking are some of the biggest offenders.

Sleep apnea is not to be taken lightly. It’s important to seek medical advice as soon as you suspect you may be suffering from it. After the diagnosis, you may be asked to take a sleep test, either at home or at a facility that specializes in sleep disorder testing.

A doctor looks at both your medical history and family history when diagnosing sleep apnea. You might also undergo a sleep study. Dependent upon what your personal physician discovers, they might give you a referral to see a sleep specialist.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! If a person is severely overweight, they are much more likely to develop sleep apnea. Losing even a few pounds can make a big difference.

If you are dealing with sleep apnea, you never want to take any sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can interfere with your throat muscles and with your airway. If your sleep apnea is bad, these can prove a real risk. No matter how bad you want a good night’s sleep, these are not the answer.

In an effort to better diagnose your apnea problem, your physician might want you to maintain a sleep log. Write out how many times you wake up in the middle of the night, or how ofter you get tired throughout the day. If you sleep with another person, they’ll be able to help you keep track of snoring, interruptions in breathing, or jerking of your limbs. This can help the doctor determine if you actually have sleep apnea.

You may wish to discuss the tips you have learned here with family members and friends. If you think that your sleep apnea will just go away on its own, you are making a dangerous bet. Share the information from this article with those around you. Make sure you and your loved ones are educated when it comes to sleep apnea.

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