Simple Solutions To Your Sleep Apnea Questions


December 14, 2016

Knowing that you have sleep apnea is not the end of the quest. Proactivity is required if this affliction haunts you. Knowing about and understanding your options is a great step towards treatment. The article below will show you some of the ways that you can help yourself.

Try your best to use your CPAP machine as much as possible if you get one. It can be hard for some people to sleep with the CPAP initially. In order for your CPAP therapy to be effective, you need to use it at least four hours a day. As you become more accustomed to the sleep mask, you should be able to wear it longer.

TIP! Some people’s sleep apnea can be traced to morbid obesity. If this is a problem for a person, then weight loss is recommended.

Your kids may have sleep apnea. Symptoms may include mouth breathing, hostility, irritability, bad grades, hyperactivity and inattentiveness. Sometimes, sleep apnea is confused with ADHD, and you should consult your doctor for the proper diagnosis.

To actually diagnose your disorder, a doctor may require you to take notes in a sleep log. Keep track of how many hours you’re sleeping the entire night and any symptoms you have. If you sleep with another person, they’ll be able to help you keep track of snoring, interruptions in breathing, or jerking of your limbs. This diary will help a medical professional see patterns in your sleep habits.

Chin Strap

TIP! Ask your doctor to recommend a good CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea. Not all machines are alike, and you may need one that has a humidifier or a certain type of pressure.

If you wear a CPAP for your sleep apnea symptoms, but are still bothered by your mouth opening when you try to sleep, get a chin strap. The chin strap holds your chin so that you cannot sleep with your mouth open; it is a tiny piece of fabric. CPAP machines do not function with open mouths, so a chin strap can really save you.

Stick with a single ordinary pillow when you go to sleep. The use of multiple cushions, or very large pillows, can throw off your sleeping posture and inhibit your breathing. This may put you in a position that can adversely affect your breathing. One standard pillow is all you need to avoid having this happen.

Now that you’ve went over some things you can do to deal with sleep apnea, use them. You could be well on your way to getting the kind of restful sleep you deserve if you find the treatments that are effective for your condition. Sleeping peacefully will allow you to get the rest you need and regain control of your energy levels.

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