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July 30, 2015

Do you deal with acid reflux? Acid reflux can cause serious health issues and the symptoms themselves can be frustrating on an ongoing basis. It can lead to suffering like few other diseases. The following article will give you some great tips for getting your acid reflux under control.

You should consume your last meal of the day more than three hours prior to going to bed. This can help you to process your food and digest it better. If you lie down, the acid may migrate up your esophagus. You give the food in your stomach a chance to digest if you stop eating well before bed.

TIP! Your last meal of the day should be consumed a minimum of three hours prior to going to bed. In a seated position, food and secreted stomach acid is forced downward to your stomach.

The herbal supplement slippery elm is effective in fighting effects of acid reflux on your stomach lining. This guards the stomach against acid buildup from within. Some folks take a couple tablespoons of it in water each night before going to bed.

Acid reflux symptoms can be aggravated by vigorous exercise after meals. Food in the stomach may be forced into the esophagus when the lower abdominal muscles are contracting during an exercise routine. Always wait for an hour before you start exercising.

Heart Attack

TIP! Some trigger foods cause acid reflux. Alcohol, chocolate, caffeine and fried foods are a few of the different items that can cause acid reflux.

In some instances, acid reflux attacks can feel like a heart attack. Pay attention to chest pain. There is a chance that a heart attack is occurring. Call a doctor as soon as you can for help. Never risk complications or death by misdiagnosing yourself.

Try raising your bed’s frame. Use risers or bricks to increase the incline. Be sure your head is half a foot higher than the bottom of your bed. You can prevent stomach acid from staying in your esophagus by elevating your chest and head.

Wear Tight

TIP! To thicken the mucuous lining of the stomach, try slippery elm. The acid in your stomach will stay where it belongs with this supplement.

Don’t wear tight clothes. Things like pantyhose, belts and waistbands should not be too tight. This adds more pressure around your stomach. This pressure can cause heartburn and reflux. Do not wear tight fitting or uncomfortable clothing across your stomach and chest area.

You should now know how to control your acid reflux. While it isn’t an easy fix, you can make progress with the information you read here. Utilize all the great advice provided here in order to begin eliminating your acid reflux. No more acid reflux means a better life for you!

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