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June 5, 2016

To feel your best, you want your body to be as healthy as it can be. If you have eczema, you likely don’t feel balanced at all. You shouldn’t miss out on the advice here that is important to know about.

Wear Clothes

TIP! Scratching is a big no-no. Eczema can be very itchy and uncomfortable.

Wear clothes that do not cause additional irritation on your skin. Synthetic fabrics can lead to outbreaks. If you suffer from eczema, it is best to wear clothes made of cotton. Wash your clothes when you buy them new, too. Mild detergents and no fabric softeners ought to be used.

Keep the temperature of your home as comfortable as possible if you have eczema. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can cause skin irritation that makes your symptoms flare. When it’s hot out, use the air condition and run a humidifier when the temperature is low. The humidifier can help keep the skin moist.

Eczema typically causes a dry itchy skin. The application of moisturizers is key when it comes to minimizing drying and itching. Though it may sound odd, moisturizers do not actually add hydration to skin. Frequently applying them can lock a person’s natural oils into their skin to keep it hydrated. This will stop the skin from becoming dry and brittle.

TIP! When buying sunscreen, focus on those that are PABA-free. This ingredient has been shown to cause a reaction in anyone dealing with eczema.

Make sure that your nails are clean and trimmed. This will minimize the harm you might do if you find yourself scratching as you sleep. This makes the rash worse, especially if long nails break the skin. Also, make sure your nail beds are clean at all times.

Relieve some of the itching caused by eczema by sitting in a warm bath. Be sure that the water is just warm; never too hot or cold. Sprinkling colloidal oatmeal or baking soda in your bath water can help relieve your itchy skin. It has also been said that adding 1/2 cup or so of bleach to a 40-gallon bath will remove any bacteria from the skin.

Since you are more educated about the skin condition eczema now, you should be more confident about treating it. It is important to follow the right advice if you suffer symptoms. When you need more, keep reading and learn all you can.

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