Be In Control Of Your Skin With These Eczema Tips


July 29, 2015

It can be unpredictable to live with eczema. You might get perfect skin one minute, and unsightly breakouts the next. Then it may take weeks and even months to eliminate it. Here is some information that will help you decrease future flare-ups while dealing with the ones you currently have.

Avoid taking hot showers if you suffer from eczema. Your daily showers should be warm and short. Stay away from soap and opt for a gentle cleanser, instead, and be gentle when cleansing the skin and avoid rubbing it. Gently pat your skin dry when you are done with your shower.

TIP! If you need a soothing solution for eczema symptoms, look for a moisturizer in ointment or cream form. These are better at what they do than the lotions out there.

Cream and moisturizes will help hydrate the skin and reduce the effects of eczema felt on the skin. These are better than lotions. Even petroleum jelly can help moisturize your skin. No matter which product you use, look for one that doesn’t contain alcohol and is fragrance free. At minimum, you should be moisturizing your skin twice daily.

Do not scratch. There is no doubt that eczema makes you feel uncomfortable. Scratching will really set you back during your healing process. It could damage your skin and lead to infections. Use moisturizer often and apply cold compresses to relieve flare-ups.

Keep your skin moisturized if you have eczema. When it comes to controlling flareups, this is among the best ways. Make sure that you moisturize each and every day. Try to use plain moisturizers that are fragrance-free and that do not contain harsh chemicals or additives.

TIP! Keep scratching to a minimum. Eczema can cause a great deal of discomfort.

Keep nails trimmed and tidy. While you know to resist scratching, you could do it in your sleep. Scratching can make your rash worse. Make sure your nails are as clean as possible, too.

Protective Layer

Look for a moisturizer in an ointment form. Ointments provide superior treatment for eczema as they help lock in the moisture by applying a protective layer. Creams and lotions do not form this protective layer. This is why ointments are considerably better in ares that has open cracks because of eczema.

TIP! If you have eczema, avoid stressful situations if you can. Stress tends to make eczema flare up.

A warm bath can be very soothing for itching eczema. Make sure that the water is lukewarm. Try putting oatmeal or baking soda in your bath for soothing affects. You can also add a small amount of bleach to kill bacteria attached to your skin.

As you probably know now, taking on eczema is something that isn’t always easy to do. These tips can make that battle easier to win. They will also reduce breakouts in the future. Start applying the above tips today.

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